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What is Lifestyle Medicine

Our sedentary and stressful lives can have a huge impact on our mental and physical health. Focusing on 6 modifiable aspects of our lives, lifestyle medicine looks to things we can change to reduce our risk of developing some diseases and conditions.  Lifestyle medicine can even help to put Type 2 diabetes into remission.

Lifestyle medicine focuses on:

1. Enjoying a plant-based diet

This is not a vegan or vegetarian diet (unless preferred) but a diet that is mainly comprised of plant-based foods with dairy, fish and meat also included, in varying amounts.

2. Being Physical Activity

Incorporating regular physical activity into your day and across your week is important. We schedule across the day so we are less sedentary. We schedule fun activities for enjoyment, and  activities which might make us sweat for cardio and respiratory fitness.

3. Managing Stress Levels

Learning how to recognise when we are getting stressed, then learning stress management techniques which are simple and straightforward and might just involve taking time to breathe…

4. Improving  Sleep

Achieving sufficient good quality sleep where we allow ourselves to spend a good amount in bed, resting and nourishing our brains and bodies.

5. Avoiding Risky Substances or Behaviours

Knowing what’s okay and what’s not okay is fundamental to an understanding of good health. Sometimes we are vulnerable to addictions because of our genetics or our environment.  Appropriate alcohol intake is considered within a lifestyle medicine consultation as we know many of us overdo it, to our detriment. Learning how to manage alcohol intake is a key skill in managing overall health.

6. Forming and Maintaining Good Relationships

Having a positive social network is key to good health. Be they friends or family social connection has been shown to be crucial to happiness. We are really only starting to look at the components of happiness and how being ‘well connected’ can impact how we feel about our lives.

So altogether, the above contribute to the achievement of a healthy lifestyle and happy life. #lifestylemedicine

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Felicity Lyons

Hi there! My name is Felicity. I am a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist with a proactive approach to healthy living. My job is to interpret the complexity of nutrition science and translate it into messages and guidance that you can understand. Healthy Living? It's easier than you think!