My aim is to help you explore how nutrition and positive lifestyle habits can transform your life

Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist

I love being a dietitian.  Knowing that what you do can influence someone’s mental and physical health is utterly fulfilling.  Dietitians are clinically trained, this means we are trained within the NHS to treat medical conditions like high blood pressure or obesity. We offer  guidance on what you can do to change your health via diet, and your lifestyle. I am also a certified Sports Nutritionist. Sports Nutrition optimises fitness, performance and physique via dietary means.  In the background to clinical and sports nutrition, I am passionate  about  Lifestyle Medicine.  Many of us know what we ought to do, lifestyle medicine delivers  evidence-based strategies to actually make those behaviours happen.

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I have been a dietitian since 1998, working across the NHS and within academia at Imperial College Healthcare Trust and Robert Gordon University. In 2011 I started my own  business.  This offered flexibility to raise my 2  boys, and to work within the area I find most interesting – weight. A consultant maternity  post at The London Clinic  stimulated interest in digestive health, especially irritable bowel syndrome, leading me to a certificate on the Low FODMAPs approach via Monash University.  Further work in a mental health unit pushed me to explore nutritional psychiatry and the impact of a great diet and different nutrients  on the mental health of patients.  A gym clinic allowed me to see first hand, the positive impact that working out and exercising has on so many individuals – mentally and physically.   I pursued  a postgraduate certificate in applied sports nutrition to update my knowledge on the impact of exercise on the body and nutritional requirements.  I find this area of work fascinating and really quite different to clinical work. Behind all of this lies my interest in treating an individual holistically – looking at the whole person.  This is Lifestyle Medicine – understanding that all aspects of a lifestyle impact our health, on all fronts.

These days my work centres on my clinics in Clapham, and Central London, helping individuals manage their relationship with food, weight, physique, sporting performance, and bowel health.   My aim is to communicate how nutrition and positive lifestyle habits can transform your life. Exploring relationships with food, embedding different habits and  supporting individuals to achieve what might be proving tricky, is all part of my skill-set. 

My Lifestyle

Me? I am goody 2 shoes on the food front.  I eat plant-based, make my own muesli, cook from scratch most evenings, and snack on fruit, cheese and  crackers.  My partner, a classically trained French chef  does his best to tempt me with delicious foods and treats every time we meet.  But luckily, apart from a  love of butter, he is really interested in global cuisine, which makes our meals really interesting.  

Exercise wise I always walk. My goal is to achieve at least 11k steps daily, plus 2 x yoga classes and a pilates per week. This doesn’t always happen – occasionally life gets in the way. I have a rower (currently dormant) at home, and a weighted hula hoop. They definitely don’t see as much action as they should. But I keep trying! My brisk walking almost always happens   – very likely because I have a walking buddy. Oftentimes our walks feel like a counselling session as we walk out our dramas with our teenage boys. 

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Practical Weight Management

Further study beyond King’s includes:

Sports Nutritionist

During 2015 – 2016, I undertook a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition at St Mary’s University.

I have also achieved a Level 1 ISAK qualification (2017) which is the most accurate measurement of field based body composition analysis.

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