Because You Matter

I love helping people live a healthy life, supporting people change from having a tricky relationship with food to one where they can look forward to what they eat and drink.
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Weight Loss

No one else has your history, your look, or your lifestyle. Let me help you navigate what’s challenging about achieving a weight where you feel healthy and happy.

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Digestive Health

Feeling uncomfortable? Bloated? Abdominal pain? Too many trips to the loo or not enough? What about a gassy or gurgling tummy? You are not alone!

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Sports Nutrition

Are you unsure if you are eating properly to fuel your body’s needs? Optimise your training and performance by incorporating targeted nutrition practice with me.

Eating Disorders

Food does not have to be the thing in your life which freaks you out, or makes you feel like you are failing.  Food can be one of the fun things – where you look forward to meals and snacks with family and friends, rather than wondering if you should or shouldn’t eat or drink that thing.

I am unique,
and so are you.

Diabetes Remission

Whether you are recently diagnosed or have had Type 2 diabetes for a while, there is potential for diabetes remission with significant weight loss.  Medically approved and globally recognised this diabetes remission programme is also suitable for you if you want to lose a lot of weight and don’t know how. Get in touch and find out if this programme is suitable for you.

Food for thought

People I've Helped

I cannot recommend Felicity highly enough, she expertly guided me through the counterweight plus programme, and identified what changes needed to happen in order for me to reach a healthy BMI. In doing so she was supportive, encouraging and straightforward, as well as being engaging and interested in what was going on for me outside of my diet plan! I lost 35kg over the course of a year following the counterweight plus programme, with Felicity's support, reaching my target weight and a healthy BMI. In the 8 months since then, I have maintained my weight, and have even run a half marathon (not something I ever thought I'd do!) I'm so glad to have worked with Felicity, it's made such a huge and lasting difference to my life.

Lucie, London

I just wanted to say thank you again. 🙂 I've just gone from strength to strength with how I'm feeling since seeing you. I'm quite interested at the moment in how what goes on in the gut can affect our mental health so strongly. In addition to cutting out gluten and fructose, I stopped drinking, and the last six months I've had such a crazy improvement in my anxiety levels.

Heather, South London

Thanks again for all your support through this, you have been fantastic and I really do feel much healthier than I did before I met you because of the changes you helped me to make.

Luke, South London

Thank you again, I've benefited greatly from seeing you and the interventions that you suggested. If I stick to the plan that you devised my symptoms remain very much under control.

Josh, London

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