Nurturing Body and Mind

Hi, I’m Felicity! I’m a dietitian whose passion is lifestyle medicine. I love helping people live a healthy life, supporting people change from having a tricky relationship with food to one where they can look forward to what they eat and drink. Food does not have to be the thing in your life which freaks you out, or makes you feel like you are failing. Food can be one of the fun things – where you look forward to meals and snacks rather than wondering if you should or shouldn’t eat or drink that thing.

I am unique, and so are you. No one else has your history, your look, or your lifestyle, though some might be similar. My job is to help you navigate the challenges of modern life, to be your guide and support as we search for solutions to your weight and health issues. By exploring what works in your life we can learn what isn’t working and come together to develop a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for you… short and long term.

Any programme we work on together will be evidence based, and clinically informed by 20 years of loving my work as a dietitian.