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Weight Loss

Be confident that I will help you achieve your goals. I focus on being up to date in the latest research around weight loss and weight loss maintenance. When you get to target, I want you to stay at target.

Before I came to see Felicity I had suffered from a life-long problem with weight control and over-eating. I felt powerless and confused by all the conflicting information about miracle diets and weight loss strategies.

Felicity changed that overnight. She gave me information, strategies, support and enthusiasm, to help me feel enabled to challenge my life-long bad habits and lose the weight I needed to. I have now lost 3 and a half stone and feel so much better in myself and for my health. Not only that, I feel confident I will keep the weight off this time – unheard of for me. I couldn’t have done it without her – thank you so much Felicity!

- Linda, East London

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Our consultations will include discussion of important determinants of weight change such as what’s physiologically possible in terms of rate of weight loss, and your weight history. We look at weight in a holistic fashion, considering your work and home life balance, as well as your activity or exercise schedule. If you have issues with sleep, then sleep hygiene will be part of our focus.  Essentially, we discuss the pillars of lifestyle medicine i.e. the drivers of achieving and maintaining good health through a long and enjoyable life.

Also covered during our consultations are weight loss expectations, energy balance, time related targets, and goal setting. Let’s figure out what has been standing in the way of you achieving and maintaining your happiest and healthiest weight yet.

Feeling motivated to change?