How to snack mindfully when hungry

Most of us snack around 3 times per day, which is possibly too often. We are also snacking more, since working from home more. But snacking can  be a really great way to get important nutrition into your body, so it’s good to know how to snack mindfully.

There are three steps to this method.

1. Consider why you want to snack

Are you really hungry for food or is it something else? Perhaps you are bored? Maybe you are stressed at your job? Are you thinking of home and feeling like you need a hug? If you are not hungry for something to eat,  consider other ways to comfort yourself which do not involve food. If you really are hungry for food then pass to step two.

2. Create your perfect snack and environment

Here we think of nutrition, and combine a nutrition gap with  feelings of satiety.  Many of us do not meet our fibre needs on a daily basis.  Fibre is a very important nutrient helping to keep the bowel healthy, amongst other functions.  As fibre is found in most fruit, some veggies,  and wholegrain carbohydrates, that’s where you start. Choose your source of fibre from the examples below:

Sources of Fibre: cripsbreads,  wholegrain pitta or other type of bread, apples, pears, bananas,

Next add some protein to your fibre source as this will help you to feel full for longer. Eating protein at each meal or snack is associated with healthy weight management, another good reason to make sure you add some protein.

Sources of Protein: boiled eggs, tinned tuna, handful of nuts, tablespoon of  nut butter, hummus or bean dip,  tofu and tahini, slices of chicken, ham, or beef

Below are some of my favourite snacks:

Sliced apple with some almonds (skin on)

Crisp bread with skim of nut butter and banana

Raw carrots and a small dish of hummus

Handful of peanuts with an orange (don’t judge me)

Two oatcakes with a slice of cheese

Now that you have picked your favourite snack create a healthy environment in which to enjoy it.

Remove distractions such as your phone

Leave your work station

Sit quietly at a clutter free table

3. Use all five senses and savour your snack


How the food looks and what colour it is

What does the food feel like? is it rough or smooth?  Does the food have ridges?

How does the food smell?

Does the food make a noise when you take a mouthful? What does it sound like?

How does it feel in your mouth,? Does the texture change quickly or slowly?

Take a mouthful and munch and enjoy the experience. Take your time. Mindful eating is about becoming aware of the five senses, and considering each one in turn. There is no rush to this experience. Maybe this particular snack reminds you of something or someone or someplace. Enjoy your snack, and draw a line under your hunger.  Look around and feel good in yourself, taking care of you.

If you would like some help to implement a more mindful approach to eating, or how to snack mindfully, please get in touch. I am here to help.

Felicity Lyons

Hi there! My name is Felicity. I am a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist with a proactive approach to healthy living. My job is to interpret the complexity of nutrition science and translate it into messages and guidance that you can understand. Healthy Living? It's easier than you think!