Weight Loss

With busy work lives, food everywhere we go and time issues trying to be active, it can be challenging keeping to a weight where you feel healthy and happy.  Up to date in the very latest in health research around weight management I can help you achieve your goals.

Depending on your needs I will design a bespoke diet to suit your lifestyle and nutritional requirements.  We discuss important determinants of weight such as weight history, work and home life balance, activity or exercise schedule, sleep issues. Weight loss expectation expectations, energy balance, time related targets, goal setting and what has been standing in the way of you achieving and maintaining your happiest and healthiest weight will all be covered within our consultations.

If your weight falls into a heavier category and your GP has perhaps described this weight as within the obese category, I actively promote the use of a Very Low Calorie Diet utilising soups and shakes.  The programme I promote is called Counterweight Plus:  programme content and delivery has been well researched with outcomes published in peer reviewed medical journals.  Research to further investigate what helps individuals to lose and maintain weight, and even to work towards diabetes remission is on-going.

If you feel really motivated to change your weight then get in touch.

Let me help you.

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