Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition focuses on consuming the right nutrients to ensure your food and hydration needs are met, and met when your body most needs those nutrients.

Changing weight and physique through training and exercise is so interesting and really shows us how responsive the body is to consistent challenge.

If you are preparing for a marathon, triathlon, or a cycling event then make sure sure you do so with the least risk of injury and the best nutrition and hydration advice.  This way you will achieve your best time, and feel safe while training.

Applying Sports Nutrition to a Workout

  • promotes training adaptations
  • optimises post work-out recovery
  • allows you to train for longer
  • can make the training feel easier
  • ensures continued improvement in your performance

Whether you are a competitive athlete or enjoy sport or physical activity at a recreational level, meeting your nutrition and hydration needs will help you to maintain good health, will help to protect you from illness, and importantly help to reduce your risk of injury.

Working with me you will learn to train with greater levels of energy, increase your strength and stamina and recover better between your workouts. A nutrition and hydration plan tailored to the needs of your body and your sporting activities is all it takes!

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