Sports Nutrition

pexels-photo-566564.jpegSports nutrition focuses on consuming the right nutrients to ensure your fuel and other nutrient needs are achieved in the most appropriate way for you.

As a recent PostGraduate of Applied Sports Nutriton at St Mary’s in Twickenham I am able to apply the latest research findings to changing weight and body shape, particularly if you are interested and motivated in absorbing a lot of exercise and activity into your day.

Preparing for marathons, triathlons, and cycling events can be all consuming and it’s important to have the correct nutrition and hydration in place to ensure you are achieving your best times, as well as protecting yourself from injury.

  • promotes training adaptations
  • optimises post work-out recovery
  • allows you to train for longer
  • and can make the training feel easier
  • ensures continued improvement in your performance

Whether you are a competitive athlete or enjoy sport or physical activity at a recreational level, good nutrition will help you to maintain good health, protecting you from illness and reducing your risk of energy.

Marathon runner: Achieve your best time with a bespoke nutrition plan for training and on the day running.

Gym Goer: Achieve the weight or % body fat goal you have targeted with a stepped up programme of scheduled dietary and hydration goals.

Cyclist: Participating in Les Sportifs?  Find out how to fuel your ride, achieve your best time, reduce your risk of injury and ill health ensuring your endurance capacity is the best and you know exactly what to  eat and drink along the ride.

Knowing what to eat and drink during your working week, pre- and post workout, and understanding your nutritional needs for a competitive event will support you physically, and psychologically, providing you with confidence that your nutrition is meeting your body’s needs.

So learn to train with greater levels of energy, increase your strength and stamina and recover better between your workouts with a bespoke nutrition plan.


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