Eating Disorders

Having spent most of my working life supporting patients and clients ‘reduce’ their weight, my work in a Mental Health Unit in East London has reignited my interest in helping out-patient clients regain weight and manage their nutritional and physical health needs better.  Two thirds of us react to stressful situations by over-consuming with the other third under-consuming, sometimes to the point of starvation.

So if you are experiencing rapid weight loss for the first time, are over-exercising and/or under-consuming, and perhaps quite anxious about the whole situation then get in touch. I will listen.

Alongside listening, my knowledge of nutrition is employed to develop a bespoke nutrition plan which we work up together; this allows you to gain not only an understanding of nutrition and what your body needs, but will also help with control over your dietary intake in a managed, safe, and supported way.

Optimally other therapists will also be involved and I am very happy to liaise, as co-ordinated plans may lead to a better and shared understanding of your individual needs.

Holding hands

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