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Can anyone do yoga

Can anyone do yoga – yes is the answer

Recently I was asked by a potential client what was necessary to maintain her current fitness and health levels as she progressed through her next decade.  I was reminded of how easy it is to fit exercise and activity into life pre children and how challenging it can become as our bodies seemingly deteriorate in the mirror


But… having recently returned from a much deserved (even if I have to say this myself) joyous week of yoga, red wine and cheese in the South of France I can put out an alert that no matter your age or current levels of strength, endurance, flexibility or fitness generally it is wonderful to practise yoga.

There are so many different types from the more powerful and aerobic, to the more restful and meditative, everyone can find something to suit them. It really is worth searching out different classes and different instructors.  My yoga of choice in my 30s was Ashtanga – but having moved on in years and had children to occupy my time, it seemed difficult to absorb a class into the weekly routine.

Needing some breathing space this summer and having two weeks free when my children would be with their Dad,  I somewhat impulsively googled, and lo and behold found myself at La Roane with Janaki and Davey from Brighton – yoga instructors supremo.  What a pleasure.  Age range: 28 – 77.  Yoga experience – immeasurable.  Most flexble yoga bunny? 67… ankles behind the ears indeed!  From sea kayakers swimming in cold pools at 7am, walkers investigating caves, to 77 year old three times per week spinners, my yoga group was inspiring, exciting and enthusiastic about life and all it has to offer.

So when I speak to my client regarding what is necessary to maintain current fitness levels I will be remarking from a research perspective that yes… we have to do more and be more active to try and maintain our bodies, but the most important thing of all is to find the activity or exercise which you will love and enjoy, and which will continue to give you pleasure and fun, no matter what age you are.  And I have found my yoga mojo again… Hurrah.  Thank you Hannah for my fab photo, and thank you Cherry for being a flexible friend.

2 thoughts on “Can anyone do yoga”

  1. Hi Felicity – just caught up with this – love the photo! Don’t we look good. Hope you’re keeping well and still yogaing.
    Cherry xx

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